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  1. Tony Ewin says:

    Steve has just completed a difficult job laying paving where an old cherry tree had undermined the ground. He has consolidated the ground and laid sandstone flags on a concrete base achieving a perfect level . It is a very professional job and looks very smart. I am very pleased with the result. Steve is always accommodating and understanding.

  2. Emma says:

    Steve did a fantastic job of gravelling over an old bed and laying paving round a tree to improve the driveway. Very professional, quickly and neatly completed. One very happy customer. Emma, Matfen

  3. Lesley and Frank Sorbie says:

    Steve has done an incredible job. Firstly we needed drainage laying as our garden is heavy clay and was waterlogged. Then paving and edging laid.
    Very neat job we are extremely pleased with the result. Reasonably priced. A very professional and nice man.

  4. Karen says:

    Steve has gravelled an area round a shed and completed this area with a neat brick edge. He has also inset paving stones into the lawn to connect the patio with a seating area at the top of the garden. Steve’s work is of a high standard and he has a professional friendly attitude. His work is very reasonably priced. It’s a bonus to have a hard landscaper who is also knowledgeable about plants and gardening.

  5. Sheila & Tom Wilson says:

    Our garden was uneven and steep in places which made it difficult for us to maintain. Steve had lots of brilliant ideas including raised beds, beautiful paving and extended parking incorporated into the plan. We viewed gardens with him which he had designed and were very impressed with the quality of his work and the products he suggested.

    We have enjoyed our completed garden which has been widely admired and is much easier to maintain also parking is no longer a concern. Steve was a pleasure to meet and we were fortunate to find such a thoughtful man who we regard as a friend.

  6. Andy says:

    Steve and Alan have recently finished a magnificent job on my back garden, which I knew was always going to be difficult (3 split levels). Although I had a basic starting point on requirements, I wasn’t exactly sure what I wanted at the start, but Steve was on hand with some great ideas on what would look best (e.g. Adding planters / sleepers), but also advising on other elements too (gullies rather than drainage trays).

    All the work is of a very high standard, and he is also very knowledgeable about recommending specific plants too – depending on Seasons. All this with great crack and banter too, which is always a bonus! Cheers lads!

  7. David Steel says:

    Steve came up with some great ideas to give us the family garden we wanted,
    Great guy and very good at what he does,
    couldn’t be any happier with the end result.

  8. Don & Allison Bennett. says:

    Steve turned our outdoor space into something we can proudly call a garden. A difficult steeply sloping site , now split into levels with an attractive curved path and stairs winding through.
    It is now 1yr on and we have enjoyed our sunny space very much and is a joy to see every day.

    Thank you , Don & Allison.

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